During the holiday season, everyone should taste exotic seafood

You don’t have to wait for a particular occasion to enjoy seafood, although your appetite for it spikes throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re out shopping for Christmas or having friends or family around for the holidays, here are the top 5 seafood dishes you must try this holiday season. After all, without a decent dinner, your hangouts and parties would be completed.

Though holiday cooking with friends and family is a terrific way to create memories, if you aren’t a fan, there are plenty of seafood restaurants in Dubai where you can taste your favourite seafood.

Muffins with an egg and crab filling that are simple to make.

While the sensation of waking up to the fragrance of freshly baked pancakes is difficult to put into words, they are a little overrated. The new pancakes are easy egg and crab muffins. They offer a high nutritional content and are ideal for on-the-go lunches. They are really simple to make, taking only an hour to prepare, and all you need to do to bring them to work is warm them up in a pan.

Tuna salad dip

We all appreciate a tasty snack now and again, but the problem with them is that we enjoy snacking on them while watching a movie, but that short-term enjoyment might be disastrous for your health. If this describes you, please know that not all snacks have to be harmful. Tuna sandwich dip is another one of those nutritious, easy-to-make holiday appetisers that tastes terrific. The greatest thing is that you don’t have to use fresh tuna to prepare this dip; canned tuna will suffice.

Shrimp Soup 

This is a winter treat, but its taste has no boundaries, and it may be savoured all year long before supper, lunch, or any other time of day or year that you see appropriate. Spicy shrimp soup is sometimes referred to as “comfort in a bowl” since it contains all of the perfect components. From dry herbs like garlic and lime to chicken and shrimp, you can really taste all the varied flavours in your lips with each drink.

You could always prepare the following meals yourself because the components are readily available, or you could take a stroll to the Maine Dubai with that particular someone on a cold winter night to dine out in the spirit of the festive season. 

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